Mark Gray –Photographer

mark gray

Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession.

Gabrielle Bernstein

It`s not about me, it`s not about the equipment I use… it’s about the images I create.

I love taking pictures, capturing magical moments that sometimes only exist for a fraction of a second.

Taking great photos requires understanding of your equipment so of course you have to know your F stop from your ISO, but it is also about being privileged to be in front of something great in the first place.

There are not many days in a person’s life that are more memorable than their wedding day (For wedding photography click here)- I know it was one of my most magical days. When I photograph a couple getting married I feel very honoured to have been chosen to make a very important record of their big day. It is a highly responsible undertaking and I never forget that I am there to create memories that are going to be shared and looked at for generations to come.

When I am asked to photograph children, I’m aware that their childhood is transitory and all too brief, so to capture their developing personality in each image is what every parent wants. It’s a very challenging and rewarding task for me as a photographer.

Photography for me is about always having my camera with me, constantly learning new skills and ways to create stunning images. Most important for me is my passion is now my job.

I hope some day I get to take great pictures for you, maybe at your wedding or another special event, perhaps of your children or even your pets. Who knows what memorable, beautiful, emotional, or exciting moments are waiting to be captured?